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April 2020 (Half board)

Studio apartment (located in Plaza Amarilla, Del Sol, Palmeras and Montana)
Tri50 rate:  62.60€ per night 
1 bedroom Superior apartment (located in Plaza Verde)
Tri50 rate:  77.05€ per night




1 bed superior in Plaza Verde is in the athlete area away from families (next to the 8 lane pool). We also strongly recommend half-board – you will be busy most of the day, and not only does the restaurant offer a good range of buffet food but it is very welcome, after a long day training, to be able to socialise and eat without having to cook. And breakfast is wonderful after an early morning session.

This accommodation offers a large living room, kitchen, full bathroom plus separate double sink area and a bedroom with double or twin beds (specify on booking). The living room can also have a drop down double bed so you could share the bedroom or have 1 person in the bedroom and 1 in the living room. Please note that access to the bedroom is through the living room however.

If you prefer to take a studio then request to be as close as possible to Plaza Verde.

Studio rooms are very similar to the 1 bed but no bedroom – a drop down double bed in the living room and a small galley kitchen. Will sleep one or a couple.

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