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Had a bit of a lie in this morning , start in the pool at 8am with Wetsuits and asked to bring bike and all bike gear. We have swimming drills followed by transitions from Swim to Bike. Looking forward to this !!Feels different as part of the group left yesterday, we developed a strong bond in only a few days that I think I’m missing them.... strange !!! Toni Saunders takes today’s class and after an easy 300m warm up we are working on keeping our lead arm straight and breathing through the 6/1/6 and 6/3/6 drills, slightly easier in our wetsuits which is good as some of us are a bit tired from the past few days. I really need to work on my Arnie chest, keeping shoulders back and not twisting my head around so much when breathing !!! All good stuff I have to work on after being videoed a few days back. Swim session over and straight into transition to bike. Wetsuit filled with water and off I go, right arm always get stuck on my watch !! Need to practice this more. Stay calm and smooth allows for a quick transition and I run off with my bike holding the saddle another thing I learnt earlier on the course. A few marketing photos done and it’s time for breakfast.....one of my favourite parts of the day(other than lunch dinner oh and running)
Refuelling done some of the group went out for extra hill climbing and descending lessons and the others me included had a strength and conditioning talk and session. Taken by Sandra (who likes to get hands on especially if you are doing it wrong 📷) we run through the importance of strength work and why we have to do this. It’s a sure way of keeping injuries at bay and getting stronger / faster. We work on legs arms and core with various exercises, knew most of the exercises but a few I didn’t and like the variations. Can see positive benefits and need to incorporate into my schedule much more, particularly liked the one legged balance with eyes closed and the funky back exercise !!Hooray Run is at 3pm which gives me a about 1 hour to grab a snack and chill. Today we will learn about hill ascending and descending, Sandra Toni and Ted all add in some good points, all points i already know but always good to recap and revisit. Off road gravelly track with some hills that will get the HRT up. Power up the first hill (Love it) only to see there are at least 3 more around the route before you double back on yourself and head back the way we came. Had to take the descent a bit carefully due to my knee issue and held it back like coach ordered, I do listen sometimes !! Just under 5K run loved it and so great to be able to run freely (nearly) again. Back to meeting point for a stretch session led by Sandra. Really good tips on how best to roll and how to get deep into problem knotty areas. I’ve been rolling for years and I was still was able to learn somethingnew !! 
Stretching and rolling done back to apartment for a clean up, change and get to Dinner woohoo, I’m ready to munch again. Dinner was a good spread buffet style plus freshly cooked section which is my fav. Grilled Lamb chops rice veggies and some hot sauce followed by ice cream and numerous sweetie things ... oh well,  I deserve it,

worked hard today !!! Great laughs and stories at dinner. Nice to hear about people’s individual stories and reasons why they Tri and some of the challenges they have had to overcome during races and training. Great bunch of people, think I will be in touch with many for a long time to come. Tired and need to sleep now, doing a mini Triathlon tomorrow 


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