November 2019 Swim Camp ......

A great first day in so many ways.

The Tri50 team of Jo and Sandra are skilled swimming, tri and gym instructors. They explain technique, tips and offer endless encouragement specifically aimed at the individual and I really appreciate this. The group comprises both accomplished triathletes and a happy bunch of aspiring swimmers trying to get on top of the sport.

Day 1 started with the swim video. The swimmers each swam lengths while the Tri50 team held a Go Pro front, back, side and in the water. Everything that was superb about my stroke was revealed. Since that wasn't much, we then rewound the video and talked about movements and posture to focus on. This is so useful. We then did a set of core exercises - abs and lower back - in the sunshine on the AstroTurf. Again, this is so helpful and revealed how weak the stomach muscles are on the poorer swimmers. Next in the afternoon sun was a pool swim in our wetsuits. For people who had never worn a wetsuit before, let alone swum lengths in one, this was a well spent hour. The sessions all have about an hour between them so that's enough time to recover,  find stuff and get ready for the next one.

Sands Beach Hotel is a very good place for the swim camp. Good open air pool, next to the sea, I slept well in the bed and the food is a good quality and exactly what hungry sporty people want.

William K

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