Triathlon Day

An opportunity for us all to put our newly acquired skills into practice.

The swim. Rather than thrashing around in the water like sharks in a feeding frenzy, legs flailing like we had a starring role in Lord of the Dance, we had learnt how to control our breathing, not to over rotate, the correct hand entry and how to efficiently pull ourselves through the water without kicking our feet in a way that would’ve soaked anybody within a two mile radius. However, for some, the ability to count the number of lengths proved a little too challenging, what with all the having to concentrate on technique thing, resulting in a time penalty.

T1/T2. How to lay our kit out in the most efficient way; effortlessly shedding our wetsuits; mount and dismount lines; rules and regulations. Failure to comply with the latter could result in a time penalty at best, a DQ at worst. Luckily, leniency prevailed today.

The cycle. Even though your legs feel like lead and your back is screaming for mercy, hills are your friend. Ascending, descending and cornering were all thoroughly practised throughout the week and effectively employed on a fast course. Although a last minute route change could’ve been a contributory factor, perhaps ‘course familiarisation’ should be introduced as a new topic. However, I’m not sure ‘applying lipstick mid-race whilst pedalling’ will ever catch on.

The run.  After the previous day’s recce, the run was straightforward for most - if not all - athletes. Cheers, high-fives and smiley faces concluded our end of camp mini triathlon.

.  Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, the support and encouragement within the triathlon community is extraordinary. And the patience and understanding of the Tri 50 coaches who, at times, were doing little more than trying to herd cats, was outstanding. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, thank you Tri 50, for a great week and for encouraging me to believe in myself.



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