Swimming in the sea,
Doesn’t quite come naturally,
So here I am to learn,
Oh god, it’s my turn!
Show us your drills, they say,
‘Oh no Jules, not quite that way’,
Go on, go again,
Buddy up and draft, rub big toes,
Not forgetting to keep sight of that building, keeping straight as you go,
And no racing until I say so!
Next it’s kick those legs and point those toes,
Keep those arms loose and in line,
Cos in time,
There’ll be a glimmer,
Of me becoming that smooth swimmer!

Julia, November 2017

Swim Camp was amazing. Great coaches, friendly fellow campers and a good mix of pool and sea swims. It was hard work but I’ve come away with so much practical advice to move my swimming (and triathlon) on to the next level. All the sessions were adapted to meet the different abilities and we were all given lots of individual coaching points, plus a training plan. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone who wants to improve their triathlon swimming.

Alison,  November 2018

I loved every session of swim camp, it far exceeded my expectations. This was my first camp and I am already plotting my return for next year. Sandra and Jo were fab coaches, the instruction and information received to improve my swim technique was first class. I’ve come away a different swimmer. Each session was well thought through, and most importantly fun!. Thank you and see you soon

Karen ,  Swim Camp Nov 18

I cannot believe how much I’ve learned and improved in just 5 days! I am so happy I joined Tri50’s Swim Camp – it’s been epic and amazing fun


Caroline,  November 2017

I’ve been on two of Tri50’s swim camps now. Each time I have made significant gains in my swimming and learnt so much. I’ve also had such an enjoyable week meeting like minded wonderful people. Jo and Sandra work so hard to make sure everyone individually gets as much as possible out of the week. I’m immensely grateful and would highly recommend the camp.

Nicky,  November 2018

Jo and Sandra are wonderful Coaches. The perfect mix of nurturing and challenging their many athletes. I defy anyone to attend one of their training Camps and not improve.

Dee Philpott,  May 2018

This week has been full of self-discoveries, challenges, and all expectations achieved. Jo and Sandra are amazing Coaches with continuous flowing support and encouragement. Awesome week!

Julia,  November 2017

The timing couldn’t have been better for the Fuerteventura camp — it got our heads into race mode as the season starts. It’s just another facet of Jo and Sandra’s intelligent and organized training. Accolades to Coaches and to the lovely athletes in the Tri50 team.

Janet Harper, May 2017

This was the first time I had been on a training camp and I specifically wanted one that took into account that I was an older athlete. I know some of the athletes from Tri club on a Monday so I was confident that it would be quality sessions with a nice group of people. 


My expectations were exceeded.  The training sessions were challenging for me (as my training at home is not consistent), well structured and focused on moving each person towards their individual goals. Not only did it take my fitness up a couple of notches, it was fun!  They were all an amazing group of people and fun to be with; very supportive of each other and I have made some new friends as a result.  I will be going back next year.

Erica B, April 2017

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